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Mapping Knowledge Management to organizational activities means satisfying organizational members with the right knowledge at the right time, place, and form. Organizational activities differ in type, complexity, and importance depending on their level of strategic involvement in accomplishing the organizational mission and goals. Derek Binney has proposed a matrix like framework that assigns business functions to the corresponding knowledge cycle phase. Knox Haggie and John Kingston have revised Binney’s spectrum to include an additional business function, that is Asset Improvement, in an attempt to foster intellectual asset management and operational excellence. The current research covered a wider range of
Knowledge Management cycles, presented by various contemporary authors, and incorporated them into Binney’s spectrum. The revised Binney’s KM spectrum was significantly updated with new perspectives and methods and a totally new business Knowledge Management cycle is proposed from a Location-Based perspective. The LocationBased Knowledge Management Spectrum is a five stage cycle comprising the following knowledge-based location levels within the organization: 1- Operations 2- Group 3- Mind 4- Knowledge Base 5- Organization This paper’s objective is three fold: 1- To review the latest Knowledge Management cycles. 2- To update Binney’s Knowledge Management spectrum. 3- To define a new approach to Knowledge Management: The Location-Based Knowledge Management Spectrum.