Al Jinan الجنان


Peaceful coexistence between religions in this contemporary age is both an individual and social necessity. It is particularly important given the interconnectedness of today’s world in various areas such as politics, economics, society and culture, in this context, Demonstrate the importance of research in the field of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. In this article, the city of Jerusalem is selected as a case study of coexistence between Muslims and Christians due to it constituting a living city that exemplifies such coexistence. In addition, its inhabitants have managed, despite all kinds of division and discrimination, and in spite of the difficult political, economic, cultural and social conditions, to provide the finest images of peaceful coexistence, and by virtue of this deserve to live in this blessed city, The article demonstrates that religious coexistence is the means of communication between civilizations, cultural exchange, and the confluence of nations for the good of humanity. Furthermore, the article explores the historical and geographical importance of Jerusalem among the followers of the Abrahamic religions as a living model worthy of emulation.