Al Jinan الجنان


This study investigated the national role of Jericho and its neighboring villages during the period (19181948-) where it was occupied by the British forces till the Palestinian exodus (known in Arabic as the Nakba). Several actions took place in that period in which the Palestinians insisted to protect their heritage and traditions in that place. Jericho and its villages had a tremendous and important existence in the division projects that were released by different
commissions and many British managers. Also Jericho participated in the resistance against the Zionistic project of setting up nationalistic home for the Jews in Palestine. Furthermore, the population of Jericho and the other villages had increased during when it was exposed by the Mandate authorities to remove and transfer thousands of acres from it’s lands to the Zionist movement and gifting the Zionist movement great economic privileges from the Palestinian national wealth of Jericho and the other villages. Also , the Zionist movement took over and dominated a nearby piece of land of Jericho and brought refugees from all over the world to settle down in it , till 1948 war took place where the settlements were destroyed and finally Jericho was able to begin a new historical stage.