Al Jinan الجنان


This study aims at getting acquainted with the level of the communicative skills with its dimensions; (tools,creativity,talent, genius study and the effect on audience) and its also aims to know about the difference in the level at the director’s communicative skills which depends on the difference in variables;(Age,Sex, the scientific qualification degree, the experience and the technical work ). The Study consists of all of the drama directors who work in the information institutions, the companies which deal with the television introducing, ensuring the works that deals with the artistical direction. (director, camera man, decoration, engineers,montage, illumination and other vocations), and whom associated with the artists association and the (television and radio) institution in the period between 152009/8/ to 252010/1/ and that their number is nearly (500). And there is a comprehensive innumerate for the study›s member›s and adistribution (500) questionnaire to the workers in the domain of television directioin; (director, decoration,engineer, montage,illumination and other vocations) whom works in the information institutions, the companies which deals with the television introducing, ensuring the works that deals with the artistical direction, and whom is knew as a worker members throughout their amanual association payment whereas there was a getting back of a(375 ) means (75%) from asample was chosen of that were distributed . And to achieve the aims of the study ; there was a choosing of a sample that consisting of (375 ) worker in the TV drama direction fields; also there is aconsisting of (73) paragraph which covered the fields; (instruments, creativity, talent, genius, study, and the effect of audience). After collecting of data and analysis it by using a test for two separated samples and after the ‹one way analysis of variance› (one anova ); the researcher reaches to the following results:
There is many differences between the ages ; under 30 and over 50 years whereas the creativity level in the communicative skills that the drama directors whom under 30 years is different from whom over 50 years, however the other ages haven't any differences between each other . There are statistics significance differences in all dimensions follows scientific qualification except the genius filed, means that its statistics values didn't reach the statistics significance level ;it was seen that the differences in the communicative skills that the drama directors have was between the high studies from side and the batchler and diploma from the other side ;that the level communicative skills for the batchler and diploma directors was more in the comparative with whom carries higher cirtificates. There is no significance differences about the question “does the creative communicative drama director
accept the artistical critism?” The more important wills that researchers put are: Give great importance to the media sector in particular the institutions that have direct contact with the public that are managed by directors, academics and professionals with experience because
they are best placed to deliver a state in an easy, simple and exciting because they paved the way for creative personnel as the director of any work of art is the commander-thinker who is capable of all communication tools.