Al Jinan الجنان


This study aimed at measuring reflective thinking and its relationship with the favored learning styles among gifted students in Jordan. The sample of the study consisted of (250) male and female students. A reflective thinking scale, that included (12) items, was developed and the scale of favored learning styles, which was developed by Al-Kahtani (2014) was applied after verifying its validity and reliability, and which contains three styles: the dynamic, visual and auditory styles. The results indicated that the most favored style to the sample was the visual stlye followed by the auditory style which came at high levels, and finally came the auditory style with an average level. The results also showed a statistically significant positive correlative relationship between reflective thinking and favored learinig styles. Consequently, the study recommended the necessity of versifying teaching method so as to observe the three learning styles: visual, dynamic and auditory and to concentrate on visual and dynamic activities during learning the tasks that require complex thinking