Al Jinan الجنان


The current study aims at evaluating the Mathematics teacher-training program in the college of education at Al Aqsa University in light of the inclusive quality. In addition, it aims to reveal the effect of the study variables on the teaching staff opinions to discover the availability of the Mathematics training program quality. To achieve the study goals, the researchers conducted a measure of 132 items distributed on five domains; first, the Mathematics training program aims’ quality. Second, major training quality. Third, educational training quality. Fourth,
practicum quality. Fifth, the college and the department administration quality. The researchers used the analytical qualitative method. The sample of the study was 28 members from Al Aqsa university teaching of mathematics and strategies taught staff as they were chosen as a sample all of them fully complete. The results showed that the overall quality standards program mathematics teacher preparation highly available )75.2%(, with no statistically significant differences in the availability of comprehensive quality standards program math teacher from the viewpoint of faculty due to the variable section members prepare differences, and years of service, while there are differences due to the variable position in favor of full-time lecturers. One of the main recommendations of the study: the need to the attention of decision-makers at the university to develop the preparation of mathematics teachers in line with the program of educational developments and modern standards of of total quality. The concentration of university academic policy on the adoption of comprehensive quality standards in other math programs teacher preparation programs, as well as the adoption of the College of Education for programs. Policies training works to promote the teaching in the College of Education faculty members’ skills commensurate with the overall quality standards, and then the attention of the Deanship of the Faculty of Education and departments evaluate the admission requirements and courses of teacher preparation and development in the light of the overall quality standards.