Al Jinan الجنان


The University has an important role in society in three main axes; education, scientific research and community services where the progress of nations is measured with its strength, the degree of preparation, and kept abreast of the requirements of the times. Because of the fact that the university is made up - at the end - of study plans and programs and also in order to overcome to compete with graduates locally, regionally and internationally, the most important functions of the university asa whole and departments in particular are the preparation of strong plans and study programs for all disciplines and it also works to update and continually developed to keep pace with the requirements of both the labor market and academic accreditation, as well as the requirements of the time. Therefore, and from the points of, standards setting and development of plans and study program of Electrical Engineering Department it is considered the electric power engineering as a case study and research to reach the conclusion concerning the status of the plan and the study program of this specialty, and then it can be used for the preparation, development or update any similar study program. The design of engineering education programs to ensure that an appropriate mechanism to provide the manpower of the output of this type of education required by the labor market with adequate standard, is necessary,and frequently, and it Can only be achieved through the study of labor market needs from the engineering disciplines and the requirements of the times and also to study the effect of each on the current engineering education programs, as well as a reflection on the training of students before and after graduation. It has been concluded in this study, a survey of opinion of the graduates of engineering education departments of Electrical Power Engineering allocated through the largest pool of Engineers Web site, which includes tensf thousands of engineers. They are graduated from various programs from various universities, which also led to a compilation of many of the opinions, ideas and visions that have influenced the subject. This also contributed significantly to give a true and realistic of the appropriateness of the program of engineering education to allocate electric power engineering for both of the labor market requirements and the requirements of the times. The study also concluded to a vision of what should be the education program allocates a strong electrical engineering, which looks to it concerned so as to reduce the gap between the states of graduate engineering education on the one hand and the requirements of the labor market on the other. It was also studied in this work, the relevance of engineering education program to allocate electric power engineering for both of the labor market requirements and the requirements of the times. It has also been reached in this study to confirm the role of cross between the institutions of engineering education and labor market institutions, by including study plans for the disciplines of engineering education to ensure the rehabilitation outcomes of engineering education to meet the needs and requirements of the practice of the profession and meet the requirements of current and future development, and also to make the graduate is not qualified only but competitor in the labor market in the era of globalization. At the same time this study led to lay the foundations for the development of study plans for engineering education to be compatible with the requirements of the times. According to the feedback from the fields of employment it has been reached to develop the structure of the proposed plan for the degree of Bachelor of Electric Power Engineering including the graduation requirements for the proposed program for the degree of Bachelor of Electrical Power and the distribution of these requirements on both, theoretical and practical parts. It has been introduced some important recommendations, which related to engineering education and its relationship with all of the requirements of the labor market and the requirements of the times. And also about the future of the relationship and partnership between the institutions of engineering education on the one hand, and labor market institutions on the other hand to produce a new generation of engineers and try to bridge the gap between today and the level of graduate level required by the labor market. There are also some recommendations that serve the raise the level of performance prong practical engineering education, whether during or after graduation.