An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Aims & Scope

An-Najah University Journal for Research – B (Humanities) welcomes original research papers, reviews and short communications in all fields of humanities and social sciences. Since 1992, the journal has been unique in the range and quality of its coverage, and it attracts contributions from different leading scholars worldwide. Submission is accepted in both Arabic and English Language


Our journal ensures that the integrity of our academic content and publishing process is exceptional. We follow the best procedures that we carefully apply to our journal during the entire process of peer-review. We make sure that different publishing groups, including authors, peer reviewers, editors within and outside of An-Najah National University, societies, publishing partners and funders find these procedures useful. The journal provides all means of support to publishers and editors to achieve professional standards in publishing ethics. By upholding the best policies and practice guidelines, we expect research published by An-Najah University Journal – B (Humanities) to abide by the principles within the University’s Scientific Research Council. These principles include:

  • 1. The author(s) and reviewer(s)’ honesty in all stages of the research conduct;
  • 2. Thorough care and excellence at different levels of research practice;
  • 3. Open, easy and direct communication between author(s), editor(s), reviewer(s) and publisher(s)