An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research entitled: "The Aims of Punishment in the Islamic Sharia" has been investigated. The research begins with an introduction, then proceeds to the discussion, and conclusion. The concept of crime in the language and the way religious authorities see it suggests that we look thoroughly into it. The kind of punishment enforced in Islam are of three types: (limits) hudood punishment, Qisas and Tazeer. After that the researcher explains the concept of punishment from a linguistic and religious point of view. Then the researcher talks about the aim and the rationale for such punishments These kinds of punishment are discussed and the reasons for their enforcement are pointed out as they are indispensible to persevering and organizing human life for the benefit of the society in that it prevents crime and guarantees human rights in a just way. The application of laws will teach criminal a lesson in their life and at the same time prevent vengeance tradition that leads to injustice, tyranny and enmity.