An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at investigating the attitudes and satisfaction of teaching faculty members at Mutah-University towards the assessment of their performance by using an electronic program. The study sample consisted of 210 faculty members comprising 50% of the whole population, were randomly selected. The study instrument consisted of two domains including 20 items and one open-ended question about the most important suggestions that may contribute to the improvement of assessment of their performance. The validity and the reliability of the instrument were established as appropriate; the reliability coefficient was (0.82). The results of the study showed positive attitudes of the teaching faculty towards the assessment process. It also showed statistically significant difference in the means of the teaching faculty in favor of those in the humanities. Additionally, the results indicated no statistically significant differences in their attitudes that could be attributed to the academic rank. Regarding the satisfaction of the teaching faculty, the results showed that they we satisfied with acceptable degree with their results; however the results revealed no statistically significant difference on the satisfaction measure that could be attributed to either variable. The teaching faculty offered a set of proposals for improving the process of assessing the teaching faculty in general. Notably, they suggested some changes on the items of the assessment survey. he satisfaction of the teaching faculty, the resultsnt differences in tfaculty which could be attrib.