An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study is designed to explore the psychological، social، and religious motives which caused Palestinian children no matter how young they are accept the struggle concepts related to their vision of falling martyrs for their country and trying to imitate them. In addition، attempts to clarify the Palestinian memory to show its deep association with different generations. As well a، mention the impact in mobilizing children's sensation and emotions towards preserving land and achieve national pertinence comprehensively. Narrator of the Palestinian story had a great influence to show this relation which attracts the children attentions no matter how old they are in realizing their ambitions. The on-going struggle on the land of Palestine had created different form of struggle that had affected male and female children's impact which had been represented in their games، drawings and writing. Out study shows clearly، that children story Palestinians narrators had offered a live picture to childhood in those country، which encouraged us to investigate those motives which had been classified by some as temporary social and psychological cases guided by some literary texts and stories offered by Palestinian children.