An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Emad AL-Zabin


This study assumes that we are suffering from a crisis of knowledge in the Arab linguistic mind as a result of the linguistic acquiescence and the mental sluggishness. This case occurs by the revealing our position in the global linguistic efforts that does not leave a dependency case in many of our researches. This study aims to explain the essence of the crisis by the analysis of its essential elements and searching in the elements of its solution as well. The study assumes that the essence of the linguistic crisis in the current Arab mind is a crisis of receiving from the Heritage. The crisis imposed by the case of estrangement with our linguistic heritage. Therefore, this study proposes the preparation of strategies of linguistic search in the Arab heritage; these strategies are able to demonstrate the knowledge in linguistic heritage and the elicitation of embedded linguistic theories. This -in turn-motivates the structural heritage studies eliciting the linguistic theories of heritage for a reliable successive methodological process that ensures non-redundant researches and building our own linguistic theories which belong to our Special cultural context. Revealing the above mentioned purpose has emphasized the fact of providing the structural heritage studies with elements of scientific development through a solid faith in its role in establishing the Arab linguistic theory and through the constructive criticism that provides the motives of the progress and development that maintain their survival and ensure the sustainable benefits of the study. This study also proposes a successive and methodological process by building on the linguistic theories revealed by the structural heritage studies. Simultaneously, It assumes that we can create our linguistic theories that belong to our cultural context and our intellectual patterns by devoting the strategies of the interaction with the scientific and technological fields and other sciences and by interacting with the linguistic theories of the other. Having said that, we will be able to achieve our own linguistic theories that belong to our own cultural and intellectual contexts. These will enable us to be an effective element in the global linguistic scene and real partners in determining the linguistic theories of the human mind.