An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The aim of the present study was to investigate congruent educational historic forms that must be presented in history textbooks from faculty members' at history Department viewpoint in conjunction with textbooks embedded forms. The study sample consisted of 11 faculty members in History Department at Yarmouk University. The study, as well, analyzed upper basic stage history textbooks extending from the seventh grade up to the tenth grade in the scholastic year 2012-2013. The study employed qualitative and analytical research design. In order to achieve the objectives of the current study, a one research instrument was developed. Which consisted of six domains in educational historic forms; namely: political, military, economic, social, religious, modern scientific, and urban. Reliability and validity measures were checked. The results showed that the most frequent educational historic from all through history upper basic stage textbooks is in favor of political and military domains where such domains were iterated as up to 1444 occurrences as to 31.04% percent. The least historical education forms, however, was found as in favor of the urban domain where it was iterated as up to 320 occurrences with and 6.95% percent. History Department faculty members at history Department ' perspectives on educational historic forms that existed in history textbooks at the upper basic stage were steered towards ranking the social history domain as main, the modern scientific history domain as subsequent, then the economic history domain as last.