An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research aims to study the aspects of the poetic colors in Mahmoud Darweish's last divan titled "I Don’t Want This Poem to End" and to highlight theirs functional levels, their effectiveness in blasting the inspirational and referential potentials in the linguistical and poetics structures as well as their poetic functions and atheistic features that they achieve. This research endeavors to achieve its aim through spotlighting the use of a group of methodological tools that contribute to manifesting the basic pivots affecting the poetic colors and their atheistic compositions through demonstrating the effect of colors and their presence in the divan as well as the following chromatic function levels: neutral, immanent and iconic levels. The research concluded with the demonstration of the effect of the chromatic performance in all functional levels, their presence in the denotation production and their importance in deepening the poetic degree that was achieved in the last Darweish's divan in addition to their psychological linkage with the poet's emotions and sentimentality.