An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to investigate factors affecting Arab students’ selection of Jordanian Universities, which include (quality of education services, marketing communication, education cost, physical environment, university location & environmental factors). To achieve the purpose of the study, a structured questionnaire was developedand includes (52) items, the Cronbachs Alpha for the instrument (0.949). A convenience sample technique was used to collect the data from a sample of (375) students distributed over (10) universities in Amman area, (358) questionnaires were returned with response rate (95.46%). The result of the study showed that there was an effect of independant variables on Arab students’ selection of Jordanian universities. Results also revealed that quality of education services, environmental factors, and cost of education were the most factors affecting Arab students’ selection of universities, and there is no difference in their selection according to gender, marital status, and family income, while their selection affected by their nationality. Study also recommends universities to improve the quality of education services, marketing communication and using different promotion tools, specially the web site of the universities. And to pay attention to physical environment like parking, and try to decrease the education cost.