An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at identifying the main difficulties that face students in studying math courses at Al-Quds Open University in Ramallah Branch. The other aim of the research was to investigate students' attitudes and opinions towards enhancing technology into teaching math to overlap the difficulty of the open education system. The research is firstly a qualitative research where studens' views, ideas and perspectives were discussed by the focus groups and observations and secondly, it is a statistical analysis where a quesionnaire was used for the purposes of the research. The statistical measures such as the means, standard deviations, Independent t-test & ANOVA were calculated. The Results of this research show that there are many difficulties facing math students. These difficulties have been classified into three themes, namely: - open education system, textbooks and teaching materials, and administration. Students pointed to the advantage of using e learning as a supporter and considered taped lectures as a solution for many of the mentioned difficulties and recommend using it in all math courses.