An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The present study concentrate on studying the effectiveness of a sug-gested program to reduce stereotypic movement for the blind students in preschool level. The sample of this study consisted of 20 blind students who were selected and divided randomly to two groups; Experimental group which received the treatment and those who didnot recive any treatment. This study tried to answer the following question: What is the range of effectiveness of the suggested program to reduce the Stereotypic Movment for the blind in preschool level? The researcher designed a stereotypic movment scale with a high level of validity and reliability and he conducted statistical analysis using arithmetic averages. The results shown after applying programs the effectiveness of a suggested program to reduce the stereotypic movment for the blind students. The results were discussed in terms of compatibility with previous studies. Several recommendations were presented to help the blind students adapting and overcoming the consequences. Traning the workers with the blinds on methods of control sterotypical movemnts, the importance of variety in training programs in gifting the positive behaviors to blind kids and finally, train the teachers and specialiests in visual impartments on using methods of behavior modification.