An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research aims at identifies the relation between the brain dominance and the self - regulated learning in the eighth-grade students in schools includes all eighth-grade students in Amman 2 includes (7323) students of males and females. Samples were choosen randomly, and it consisted of (740) students, it included (480) from private schools, including (280) males and (200) females, and (260) from governments schools which consists of (100) males and (160) females. The study used two measuring tools, brain dominance tool, and self-regulating learning tool. The results of the study indicated that: firstly most of studens are whole brain dominance measuring (82%). Secondly, most of the students are good at using self-regulated learning strategies measuring (47.3%). Finally, there was, in total, a negative correlational relationship between brain dominance and self-regulated learning, also there were no differences among the students at brain dominance style attributed to sex, as well, there were differences attributed to kind of learning at private schools, and there were differences among the students at self-regulated learning level attributed to sex for females, also there were no differences attributed to kind of learning. Consequently, the study recommended further studies for the two variables (brain dominance, self-regulated learning) at different levels.