An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to detect the characteristics and qualities of the effective educational supervisor effective as seen by teachers and which determine its effectiveness and success in the process of supervision at the level of his education circumscription. A questionnaire has been prepared for this purpose composed of three axes representing the most important characteristics related to the scientific, the personal and the human relations aspects. It has been applied on a random sample of 125 teachers from different schools of the Directorate of Education of the city of M’sila. The study led to the presence of the characteristics necessary that must be provided in the educational supervisor to achieve performance. Set characteristics composed of three areas namely the field of science and knowledge, university graduated, extensive experience in elementary education, knowledge in teaching methods and know how. For the personal aspect, the most important characteristics are dedication to work, the ability to assume responsibility, and to enjoy a measure of intelligence. The third aspect of the relational is respect of others, the ability to form social relationships, and taking into account the conditions of teachers.