An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The Study aimed to make a comparison between the freestyle swimming learning, using arms’ movements as well as feet’s kicks Patterns. To achieve that, the researcher applied the empirical approach an intentional Sample (16) students from those who didn’t hare ex- experience in freestyle Swimming. The Sample was divided into two experimental parallel groups; the first group learnt how to start learning arms’ movements ; the second group learnt how to start learning feet’s kicks for a six- week period within a three – lesson –week and each training had a (60) minuet. The skill fully trial results used in the study Showed: experimenting (Feet’s kicks for a 25- meter distance), experimenting (Arms’ movement for a 25- meter distance), and experimenting (Freestyle swimming for a 25- meter distance), There are Significant differences in the level of Skillful Performance between the two empirical groups upon the dimensional standard for the benefit of the second empirical group who learnt Freestyle swimming within feet’s kicks patterns. The researcher firstly recommended the necessity of learning the feet’s kicks while learning the freestyle swimming the learning the arms’ movements later.