An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at identifyingthe values of some biomechanical variables to stair ascent in two different ways, as well to explore the best style stairsascent.The study sample consisted of (n=4)healthystudents in the Faculty of Physical Education at TheUniversity of Jordan.Individuals(average age 24 years, and the averageofheight 185 cm, and the averageofmass 89.5 kg).The study examined the anglesof flexion joints(hip,knee, and ankle) atthe moment of contact flattened, as well maximum height of the front feet, and the distance of the foot is based on stair, and the workdone and power in the two methods.The researchersutilized two different techniquesin stairsascent(step over step, step by step).The study sample was videotaped by using Sony video camera (Sony HDR-CX220E) reached speed (50) frame/s.The study results showed that the values of the variablesof thestudy was relatively high compared to the values achieved in previous studies, as well as the step by steptechnique used in stairs ascentwasbetter than the other technique depending on the work done, the power andthe values of the variables in thisstudy.The researchersrecommends the importance ofnecessity tolearn correct technique for stairsascent, as wellasusingstep-by-step technique for the elderlypeopledepending on values of theachieved variables.