An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The present study aimed at inquiring the assimilation degree of the principles of knowledge Economy and their implementation, of Public Schools Secondary Teachers, In Jerash governorate in Jordan, the study also aims to find out at determining if there are a statistically significant difference at the level (α = 0.05) at the degree of understanding and application of the knowledge economy. A descriptive analytical method was used. The sample of the study consists of (545) teachers (Male/Female) randomly chosen. The researcher developed a special questionnaire which contained (61) paragraph, divided into five fields. The result showed that the degree of assimilation of the secondary school teachers of the principles of the knowledge economy was high, while the degree of its application was medium, The results also showed a statistically significant differences between the degree of assimilation and the degree of application of the principles of the knowledge economy for public schools secondary teachers in the province of Jerash, Jordan.