An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims at revealing the features of the artistic image in the ironical journalistic essay in "Shahed Ayan" by Mohammad Tomaleah .The study analyzes many examples of the phrases which are full of technical imaginations, and explains several styles of these imaginations simultaneously with the semantic and aesthetical reflections. The researcher concludes that Tomaleah doesn't comply with the critical goal of the essay, but rather he goes up with its inspiration, antonomasia, and a metaphorical style to a higher technical level which gives the essay a literary flaming, as it oversteps the norms of the journalistic composition. The essay gives also a high pleasure and touches the first aim precautionary within proficiency of a metaphorical imagination, and lingual joking which carried out a modern style of Ironical Writing. The researcher expects that Tomaleah has actualized an individual creation and an informative exploration, because his essays are full of creative images and antonomasia of a clever imagination.