An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This paper aims to study the poetic consciousness as a recurrent phenomenon in Abu-Tama’s volume of poetry. This phenomenon aroused the readers’ interest to ask about the reasons which led to its recurrence. Abu-Tamam’s stress on his poetry, praising it, and showing its distinctive characteristics constitute a cultural phenomenon of his poetry. It is a cultural system which shows to the readers explicit as well as implicit aspects representing a problematic critical issue which poses the following questions: How did the poet recognize this phenomenon? And Why? Did the poet mean to show his creativity by adopting such approach? The last and most important question is: What is the impact of this phenomenon on Abu-Tamam’s poetic consciousness as a cultural system which may be either positive or negative? The paper answers the above-mentioned questions both theoretically and practically on the one hand, and articulates the three dimensions of this phenomenon on the other hand. Finally, the paper ends with a conclusion which sums up all the outcomes that the researcher has reached.