An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed to determine the most important emerginginstructional technologies to faculty members in Saudi Universities Hence, it aimed to determine the range of using those emerginginstructional technologies,andthe motives ofusing themin lightof somefactors. To achieve this aim a closed questionnaire,which was developedby the researcher, and consisted of (4) sections was used. The sample ofthe study composed of (149) faculty members. The major findings of thestudy were as follows:-the mobile learning technologies were the mostimportant emerging instructional technologies from the perspective offaculty members, while the most used emerging instructional technologywasinstant messaging.-there were nostatistically significantdifferencesin the degree of using emerging instructional technologies, due todifferent sex and specialty, while there have beenstatistically significantdifferences between the rank of associate professor and professor, for thebenefit of the rank of professor.-the most important motive of facultymembers to use emerging instructional technologies wastheirfittingtothe nature of the current generation of learners.-there werestatisticallysignificantdifferences inthe motives of using emerging instructionaltechnologies due to different sex and specialty in favor of females andliterary specialties; while there were nostatistically significantdifferences due to differentacademicrank.