An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to design a scientific tool to measure anger management skills for adolescents with intellectual disabilities, and the disclosure of its dimensions, and to determine the psychometric properties that enjoy it, so I have a sample of adolescents with intellectual disabilities. Where the study sample consisted of 108 adolescents with intellectual disabilities (67 male 0.41 female) of preparatory and secondary vocational students schools Intellectual Education provinces of Dakahlia and Eastern Arab Republic of Egypt, aged (14-18 years), and the ratios of their wits between ( 50-70), all of them with social, economic and cultural level below average. It was determined the final number of paragraphs of the scale based on the factor analysis of the responses of the sample, and as a result has become a measure consists of (36) is, and measures four dimensions: the expression of behavioral anger, and Altukedah, and the pursuit of social support, and avoidance and concern, and under each after a number of ferries , and in front of all three choices phrase (Kthira- happens it happens Ohaana- happens rarely), and the application is individually, and there was no specific time to answer. Statistical treatments have resulted in the study of: Enjoy the scale with a high degree of validity and reliability, and in the light of these findings the researcher recommends using a tool in the evaluation of anger management skills for adolescents with intellectual disabilities, and employment assessment results to improve anger management skills for adolescents with intellectual disabilities. Key words: anger management skills, intellectual disabilities.