An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Ship is considered as a means of navigation, and instrument transfer of international trade across the seas from one country to another, they are the shipping method which cannot be achieved without them, and the study of the legal system to mortgage the ship is important, because the focus of maritime law revolves around the ship as a tool for marine navigation. The ship with the nature of the private distinguish from other funds are movable in nature and despite being Mala accept ownership it can dispose of them in all aspects of legal actions, as it is one of the things that are given by the rights-kind original (such as rights of ownership), and dependency (Kalrhen), the latter , raises many dilemmas in how to set up maritime lien and conditions to be met, and about the role of the ship under construction, and sale of mortgaged ship overseas, and how the foreclosure maritime expiry of a period of Tqadamh, so we divided into the following search detectives: The first topic: Creating a maritime lien. The second topic: Mortgage maritime effects. The third topic: the expiration of the maritime lien