An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


Intertextuality is one of the most important terms celebrated by writers and critics both internationally and in the Arab world for enriching the text and avoiding direct discourse. The anthology of short stories has contributed to the making of the short story in Jordan in the late twentieth century and early twenty first century. Hence, this study aimsed to trace the extent to which intertextuality is present in contemporary Jordanian short stories through this anthology.Intertextuality in Jordanian short story covers several dimensions, most notably, social, economic and rational. It played a significant role in producing meaning and relating it to a specific perspective. Intertextuality was manifested in various forms which collaborated and interacted with text revealing writers perception of their religious, mythical and poetic heritage in addition to mastering artistic tools. Thus, Intertextuality is an artistic necessity not a redundancy or cultural luxury