An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The Islamic Banking and Financial system is said to be lacking a comprehensive study that identifies its general conceptual framework. In turn, that lack of conceptual framework has evidently impactedits actual implementations and made the whole industry looks like its conventional counterparty. In an endeavor to avoid the undesired implementations and to enhance theperformance of the industry, asignificantbody of scholarship by many researchers has evolved. However, the industry has still been under a great criticism of its performance. This study aims at exploring the industry of Islamic banking and finance by examining and discussing the main trends in the current literature. Additionally, this study has adopted the qualitative methodology, as such a critical review as well as a document analysis of theliterature will be conducted. This research has adopted the inductivemethodology by reviewing the current literature and critically analyzing it. This research has concluded that the industry of Islamic banking and finance is very comprehensive by nature, because of its direct involvement in investment and trade, partnerships and financial intermediation.