An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


I was interested in this research in an indispensable issue for a researcher in Islamic jurisprudence, which is the classification of Hanafi books. I mentioned the general reasons for the varying degrees of books according to their authors, the differences in their approaches in authoring, and the split of authoring to: rooting, basics, application, graduation and subsidiarity. I also showed the presence of two types of classification of Hanafi books: a type of books related to narration, and another type of books related to approved and accepted and refunded books. Then I talked about some issues related to books of «Thaher Ar-rewayah», and the types of books does not relate to Thaher Ar-rewayah. I elaborated talk in the classification of accepted books and Unacceptable books in terms of definition, examples, reasons, applications, and how to take advantage of each. I ended the search with most important in the results in it.