An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The present study was aimed to examine level of emotional intelligence and its relationship for achievement performance of triple jump event in student's physical education faculty - Yarmouk University. Using descriptive analysis approach, (188) students registered in athletics training course at second semester 2014/2015. Wear answered the questionnaire set by Allseed and Abd AL-Samea (2002). The questionnaire consisted of (58) paragraphs distributing on five dimensions (emotional management, sympathy, emotional regulating, emotional knowledge and social communication). The results of shown that the level of emotional intelligence was high (α≤ 0.05) level of emotional intelligence was significantly higher in males than that in females (α≤ 0.05) There was a relation between Emotional intelligence and achievement performance in triple hump event, In conclusion the courses of faculty of physical education should include emotional intelligence to present benefits for students