An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The object of this research is to present methods and techniques of performing vibrato through a Nay. The author will show the most expressive performance techniques in order to present and enhance the beauty of Nay’s sound. These techniques depend on the quality of the music tones that are performed by the musician and the possibilities of the instrument itself. The research does not only emphasize on the methods and techniques of the Nay's version of the vibrato, but also its different types and ways of the physical release of the sound. The descriptive approach of this research is adopted by content analysis. The hypotheses demonstrate that there are several ways to perform the vibrato version on the Nay, based upon the nature of the instrument and different techniques of performing. The theoretical framework of the research will be addressed by defining the vibrato, understanding its history and development, in addition to some scientific experiments and studies. The practical framework of the research will clarify the methods and techniques to perform the vibrato through a Nay by explaining in details its mechanism and a simplified way to apply the vibrato on it. At the end some conclusions are going to be presented and recommended with a set of results associated with the searched topic.