An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aims to identify the role of the physical education program in the development and acquisition of positive values among secondary school students in the schools of the capital secretariat, through physical education lesson, and the activity of internal and external activity, the researcher used the descriptive approach, was chosen as the research sample of student athletes at the secondary level, with a total sample Find (777) student, was reached to arrange the most important positive values derived by secondary school students through physical education lesson came as follows: - Akspena sports culture, helps me to maintain order, develops have the ability to self-control, and the most important values derived from through internal activity Akspena recognize the importance of cooperative play collective organizer, helps me discover my talent the sport in different games, Akspena the ability to think properly through the positions of play, and the most important values acquired through external activity that helps me honesty, Akspena knowledge of sports laws, help me to take responsibility, it is the most important recommendations concern the program of physical education and school because it contributes significantly with family in planting and acquiring the qualities and moral, social and health behaviors among students.