An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to investigate the impactof teaching activates based on the Quranic modules on improving the expressive performance of the fifth grade literary students in Iraq. In order to achieve the goal of the study, the tool study was prepared in the form of a test that measures the abilityof students to the expressive performance, as well as four themes for the expressive performance approved by a group of experienced and competent arbitrators. These subjects for the experimental group have been taught by using some educational activities based on the explanation and analysis of the Quranic modules. As for the control group, it studied those subjects in the traditional manner. Therefore, the current study depends on the experimental method with its quasi-experimental design based on a pre /after test that was applied to the two current studies; (the experimental group and the control one), before implementation and after the end of the experiment.The study sample consisted of fifth grade literary students attending junior high school (day-governmental organizations) of the Directorate of Education in the province of Karbala, in Iraq, totaling (1490) students, by (859 males and 631 females), while the members of the study consist of 134 male and female students at two schools;Al-rafedeenPreparatory School for Boys, and the Preparatory of Culture for Girls. The two schools were tested within an available manner according to the cooperation of the managements of both schools,the availability of an appropriate number of classes and after the exclusion of students who failed from the procedures of the statistical treatment for the study, the number of the sample of the study; or the number of the respondents was (128) by (64) from the males and by (66) from the females.For the purposes of the current study, the sample study was divided into two groups. The first group, was experimental one and consisted of (64) students,by a class for males consisted of (33) students, and another one for the females,consisted of (31) students, whereas the second group was a control one which was divided into a class for males,consisted of (33) students and another one for the females,consisted of (31) students.The finding of the study showed that there were statistical disparities due to the impact of the way of teaching the expressive performance for writing and the differences were fort the sake of the experimental group that taught the expressive performance of writing by using educational activities based on the Quranic modules. In addition to that , theresults of the study also showed that there were neither statistical differences between the two groups of the study that were due to the impact of sex differences, nor statistical differences that were due to the impact of interaction between the method and the gender/or sex.