An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to move Standard Levels to Reference Criterion by the Impact of Physical Exercises Self-directed with the female students in the eighth grade in basic stage of Irbid Schools, and the researchers used two approaches (Descriptive and Experimental), where the descriptive approach in building standard degrees on a sample of (576) female student from the eighth grade students Bani Obeid district schools and Experimental Approach to tow equal groups on deliberate sample from the study population who has standard degrees less than (50) degrees, reaching (31) students divided into: a control group (16 students), and experimental group of (15) students, in the control group was using the traditional method, and the experimental group was used exercises Self-Directed, and to find out the impact of experimental variables on the study sample time lag (10) weeks, and has data processing through the programs (Excel, Statistical Analysis of Social Sciences Program SPSS). And results yielded: building standard degrees for eighth grade students from Bani Obeid district schools, as results showed the ineffectiveness of the experimental group in the students transition to the criterion levels except bearing muscle strength of the arms tests and flexibility, The study recommended the need to use the criterion degrees in the evaluation and interpretation the results of fitness tests for students in schools to encourage students to improve their levels in fitness.