An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This paper aims at studying the Miracle of the Holy Quran Centers in terms of their establishment, and the types of activities they hold (whether they are scientific such as scientific research and authoring or empirical such as conferences, seminars and so on). In addition, this study is to identify the extent to which there is a connection between these centers and the local and international communities, and to clarify how influential they are and the efforts they exert in calling to Islam; all of this is included in an analytical and empirical study conducted by the researcher who visited these centers and observed them so as to identify their positive and negative sides. After this explanation, this study shows the aspired role of these centers and their needs: How should they be? What is their real role? What are their goals? After that, this study will be presented to all of the Miracle of the Holy Quran Centers so that they make use of it in treating the negative sides and reinforcing the positive ones.