An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research aims to study the features of the of Jordanian song’sdevelopment from folk form to the popular one, in the songs of the Jordanian artist Mohammed Wahib, through studying the factors that contributed to give it a renewed meaning, and made it no longer be fall under the title of “folk song”, take into consideration the folk song its original and specificity which made it the core of the Jordanian music and singing. The study presents an overview of the Arab singing and other more detailed of Jordanian song, and discusses the dialectic of folk and traditional; that the Jordanian song has been subjected to it since it has been limited under the title of Folk song. The study includes selected samples of the Jordanian artist Mohammed Wahib, who is one of the most famous and pioneers of Jordanian Song, by providing great works; which allows the opportunity to follow the development of the Jordanian song since its beginnings, and through the review of Wahib’s emergence, study his songs, comparing the musical features and the characteristics of his works, and identify its position between popular (folk) and traditional, and thus determine the features of development through his songs.