An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The researcher tries, in these papers, to stand on the development of linguistic function of a single word relating to “Hell” mentioned in the Quran, relying on lexical semantics (Central), which came in the dictionaries starting with the oldest, and closing with. It has turned out for the researcher that the Qur'an in the development of linguistic function has adopted, by more than one way, the basis of the horizontal development, and also participates in the semantic transition, while some vocabulary did not acquire any significant development and remained on the central function. The researcher has adopted, in these papers, the descriptive analytical approach in order to reach an attempt to separate between the Islamic connotation (the developed) and the original function during language formats deployed in the pages of books. The researcher has found it very difficult to draw the function of the single word from dictionaries; as the dictionaries themselves did not distinguish between the original and the developed function of single words, and as the researcher is keen to issue a judge on the development of the function of the single word, he has attended to mention some of the “Hell” names and their implications, without elaborating or lengthening.