An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study addressed the role of women in screening inheritors from inheritance in Islamic Fiqh (Canon Law), with the aiming of identifying the nature of this role carried out by women in inheritance issue through screening other inheritors from inheritance totally or partially. The concept and types of screening, as well as some of the rules relevant to it, were addressed. Moreover, women’s right in the inheritance in the Islamic Fiqh. It was revealed that women’s status among the inheritors in the Islamic Fiqh impacts clearly the power of their inheritance. It was shown that there are a number of cases in which women inherit, some of which only lie within the obligation, or “at-ta’seeb” by others (meaning inheriting what remains after the obligatory shares are assigned), or “at-ta’seeb” with others, with details relevant to these cases. Also, it has been shown that women screening in inheritance may occur when they are the sole female inheritor or when others are involved. This screening applies to males and females equally.