An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The study aimed to identify the impact of the competition on the self-confidence of the Jordanian national football team for young women under (17)years, as well as the level of self-confidence depending on the variables (experience, place of residence, state of play, play center), the study sample consisted of (22) player of the women's football team, it has been used descriptive approach his image survey to collect information and data, the researchers designed a questionnaire to measure the characteristic self-confidence, which is three-pronged: (performance, loss, win), where the number of ferries (40), results were treated statistically using the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t-Test and test of variance, the study results indicated that the level of self-confidence for theplayers Jordanian national football team for young women under (17)years came High in both measurements pre and post, the results also pointed to a lack of statistically significant at the level of self-confidence differences depending on variables (experience, place of residence, play center, state of play), the study recommended the importance of enhancing the players' self-confidence through the allocation of part of the training sessions for the psychological aspect.