An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The surface features of earth are a crucial element in the studies of geography of tourism, for all events and phenomena on the surface of earth are shaped based on the forms of the surface, which revealed bythe geomorphological tourism. The problem of study is outlined in the fact that the process of the development of tourism in Socatra Island Reserve and the popularization of it centers mainly on what potentials the island possesses. The island is one of the rarest nature reserves in the globe, for it has the resources of rare plants, animals and birds that only exist in Socatra Island. However, the natural tourism sites in Socatra Island are disregarded and overlooked. The value of the geomorphological tourism sites vary, which resulted from the orographic and geoglogical formation.Moreover, there is a lack of identifying the appropriate sites for developing such resources in a sustainable way. The scientific and practical significance of the study lies in taking advantage of Geographical Information System (GIS) and remote sensing applications in planning and developing the tourism of geomorphology in Socatra Island. Furthermore, the study presents to the decision makers a practical vision on how to improve the tourism sites in a comprehensive and balanced way that meets the requirements of sustainable use and protection of the tourism resources in Socatra. To achieve the objectives of the study, more than one methodology and approach were adopted such as the system approach, the applied approach, and the quantitative, cartographic and photographic methodologies. However, the field study is considered to be the main tool to achieve the aims of the study. The study concludes that the application of software that relies on GIS and remote sensing is the most suitable selection to developthe geographical tourism in the island.