An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims torevealthe impactof the teachingmethods based on the Montessori theory. Itfocuses on the first graders phonological awareness in Jordan, and shedding the light on the mother's educational background. The sample included (50) students, both male and female, divided into two controlling and experimental groups. The researcher had planned an educational strategy along with a phonological awareness test. The experimental group implemented the developed educational strategies for eight weeks. While the controlling group experienced eight weeks of regular educational methods. Both groups were tested for phonological awareness before and after the experiments. Results for (MANCOVA) analysis showed a difference on the scale of (0.05=a) in favour of the experimental group, in terms of phonological awareness rates. and the skill of recognizing different sounds. While there was no difference on the samescale for the educational level of the mothers.