An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This research is concerned of explaining and studying one of the legendary German music sagas (Opera Tannhauser), which express the dramatic music in the Romantic era in the mid-nineteenth century. For the musician Reachard Wagner. It includes a simple brief about the author's life and his revolutionary trends. Not to mention his own style which he used at the music work. In addition to some explanation to make this epic, indicating some of the musical pieces which express the music work nature. As the importance of the research comes in clarifying the meaning of opera, especially from Reachard Wagner' point of view and showing the contents of the literary texts and the consensus between the literary content (Novel) German opera with the Musical work and the rest of the element of this art which contained three parts divided by the researcher in the study and the same way that the composer Reachard Wagner wanted it, Then the study describes thefindings that were found by the researcher by giving a general idea about Opera "Musical representative theater"