An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The concept of social capital and its character in development has obtained worldwide attention and academic debate in late years. Also social work profession received a universal consideration because of its role in bringing about positive and meaningful change in communities to achieve social well-being of human life. Therefore, this study aimed to find out about the possibility ofincluding the subject of social capital in the literature and methods ofintervention of the social work profession, through the identification of the views of social work students about social capital, and their view of the relationship between social capital and social work, as well as courses that teach them, to know the extent guaranteed by the related topics of social capital-analysis. The researcher used a qualitative methodology, data were collected through focus groups to get feedback from students, and analyses the content of the courses. The study found a number of results that were most important: lack of knowledge of the term social capital,and thus results showed that the relationship between social work and social capital are almost non-existent on the ground, also, they have some notes on the content and teaching methods. The participants expressed their belief in the possibility and even necessity of using the social capital in the professional intervention of social work. The research, to ask about the possibility of depicting a proposal to include the subject of social capital courses in social work.