An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The problem of the study is summarized in the fact that the national plans for tourism development lack standards of tourism and regional planning to raise awareness of the outcomes of growth and reduce the regional differences in terms of the nature of activities, patterns, profits and the negligence of taking the special dimension into consideration in such plans, which imposes on the tourism plans to reconsider evaluating the outcomes of the tourism growth and its investments in a way that guarantees its distribution fairly among all governorates. The scientific significance of the study lies in the fact that it provides the competent authorities with a vision that contributes in supporting making tourism decisions and offering practical assistance in managing and developing tourism growth in Yemen, which is in conformity with the approach of the national and regional planning. Therefore, the study aims at highlighting the most outstanding tourism resources that can be relied on in developing space tourism, in finding out the extent of considering regional dimensions in the plans of tourism in Yemen, in evaluating the Yemeni 1990-2015 experience in tourism plans of the tourism and regional growth, and in suggesting a vision for a balanced division of regions for tourism growth and the mechanism to implement them in Yemen. To achieve these goals, the study utilizes several approaches and methods characterized by a combination of regional, objective, spatial and comparative analysis. Moreover, the cartographical methodology was implemented to design the maps using (Arc GIS.10.) program.