An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


The purpose of the study was to identify the values of some kinematical variables of loading power phase in axe kick for the Palestinian national team players in taekwondo, in addition to determine the differences in the kinematical values according to stature variable. The study was conducted on sample that consisted of (2) players of the best taekwondo players in Palestinian national team: tall player (1.76 m) and short player (1.70 m). As a tool to collect data, the sample was videotaped by using sony video camera with speed (50) frames/s, and (Kinovea 8.15) software for motion analysis was used to reach the study results. The results of the study revealed that the kinematical values of tall and short players were respectively: (hip angle when starting the movement (180, 197), maximal angle between thighs (159,167), Knee angle (96,107), duration of loading power phase (0.40,0.36)s, maximal speed of ankle (9.63, 10.63)m/s, kick speed (6.33, 8.61)m/s, and total time of axe kick (0.70, 0.66)s, these values are similar and close to the values of international taekwondo players; also, the study results showed that the short player was better than the tall player in all kinematical variables. The study recommends that the taekwondo coaches should focus on enhancing the flexibility and muscle power of lower limbs during the training.