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The aim of study is to analyze the Morphometric characteristics and Hydrological network watery discharge of Wadi Hasa, represented characteristics cadastral, and longitudinal, formal and topographic characteristics of the water drainage network as well as to identify some hydrological variables such as the concentration and quantity of The water flow of the river and determine the direction of flow and areas of runoff gathering time. study relied on GIS Topographic maps and digital elevation model (DEM) as a tool to set up a network rivers draining map and classified according to the way Strahler to Mratbha river basin and draw some morphometric characteristics and Hydrological been identified for different basin morphometric characteristics, have reinforced This study is to understood Morphometric and hydrological characteristics of Wadi Hasa.The study has revealed the importance of Geographic information systems to deal with the data in the analysis of spatial data, link metadata and its role in Morphometric studies and Hydrological characteristics of the analysis, The Morphometric characteristics correlation phenomena Hydrological because they are tied to climate the direction of rainstorms, the extent of continuity. and its impact on water runoff and flooding. The study recommended the need of use of modern data that include space visualizations and digital elevations model (DEM) in morphometric studies for the construction of Geographic data for Morphometric variables base.