An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aimed at investigating the effect of using Mind maps and Conceptual maps on theachievement and development of creative thinking for the Sixth Grade Students.The research population included all sixth grade female students in the governmental schools of Qabatya Governorate in Palestine (1143 female students). The study was conductedon asample of (70) female students, in Jaba'basic school in the Education Directorate of Qabatya. The sample consisted of two groups, an experimental group (35) students taught using Mind maps and Conceptual maps, andacontrol group (35) students taught using traditional teaching; i.e. without maps. Two tools were used in the present study: an achievement test with (34) items, and a measure of creative thinking, consisting of (7) items, The results of the analysis of variance (ANCOVA) showed significantstatistical differences among the meansof the students' scores in the scientific achievement test in favor ofthe experimental group. The results also showedsignificant statistical differences among the meansof the students' scores in the test of creative thinking in favor ofthe experimental group.In light of these results,werecommend adopting mind maps and conceptual maps in teaching science in different educational levels for its effectiveness and its positive impact in the achievementand the development of creativethinking.