An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study aims to explore the effect of social development on graphic design practice and how interactive technologies present new challenges for designers to deal with ethically and culturally. It also explores the issues of graphic design in terms of a form of art verses a form of social science or communication. The goal is to gain better understanding of the meaning of graphic design and the role of graphic designer in today’s society. Reviewing the literature revealed how graphic design as a discipline has changed in response to number of factors. This study explained the core of the communication designers’ job, which is to articulate society, responds to its issues, and help in social development.The study found that the call for design to become an art is a reduction of both design to aesthetics and designer to egoist. Likewise, treating design as a science is a conversion of design to a purely functional tool serving restricted economy. Fry recall the term “Design is Design”. Although the call for “Design as Design” needs more investigations and discussions, still, it manipulates the other calls.