An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)


This study takes the poetry of Al – Aa’sh as an example aiming to examine the role of Rhyme in creating imagery, analogy, implication and beauty manifested in Arabic poetry. It is not only meaning that must be carefully selected but also rhyme. The careful choice of rhyme in Arabic poetry embodies a specific significance in poetic language and meaning. Poets decide on a particular rhyme with its particular music that enjoys a number of intended characteristics able to reflect his/ her emotional status and to convey that to the readership as well. To further deepen such concept, the study recommends applying the pragmatic approach in reading the music of rhyme. The study concludes that the poetic rhyme is a means of stimulating the readers’ interpretation of meaning, and feeling its aesthetic value. Moreover, any unexpected change in rhyme means a change of pragmatic meanings, i.e. changing choices of rhyme indicates a change in emotion and consequently meaning.